Soft Browns of a December Morning

early December

There’s very little light just now, and precious little sun. Still, with a brief respite from the wind, and ice, and snow, and a break in …


Between Sleet Showers


It was not, to say the least, the most promising of forecasts. With a day of rain and wintry showers on the way I was …


Streaming Light


Dark Clouds & Sunlight

fragments, poetry

Saying Thank You

In the days before the US holiday of Thanksgiving, I kept on seeing this poem, or fragments of it, tweets of it. Each time I …

rays of light

Rays of Light

Sunday morning

Early Morning

november light

November light


The Look of Where You Are

photo (2)

I miss the countryside. I’d be lying if I said otherwise. Part of me feels cross at taking photographs, looking for patches of colour, flowers, sky in …