on seeing the world

Photography is a way of looking at the world – a way to notice and appreciate, to honour and remember, a way both to slow down and to wake up, a way to open your eyes, and to say thank you, over and over and over.

grasses in the foreground, bog cotton behind
grasses in the foreground, bog cotton behind

I share reflections here, through the medium of a blog, on my journey of noticing, primarily through photography.

I’m exploring a couple of approaches to photography just now.

My love of celtic landscapes took me to an exploration of intimate landscape photography; you can see some of my intimate landscapes here, and read about my own take on and approach to intimate landscape photography here.

watching the light from Skye

The practice of photography has been a fundamental part of my non-working life for a long time. It’s not easy to know what the words are: infused with a love of and for the natural world, it includes a mixture of the poetic, the contemplative, and the spiritual. (Finding the words for all of this without sounding too pretentious or woo-woo is hard – but I reckon most of us who get lost in photography will recognise some of these elements and emotions.)

I’m interested in exploring a more structured approach to contemplative photography, though finding an approach that clicks is most definitely part of the exploration! Still, it’s an invitation to change the way you look, and reflect on what you see.

avon trees
Miksang impressionism – trees in the river Avon

In a world of speed and slickness I find myself drawn back to film, and to low technology. As part of this photographic journey, I’m playing around with the 35mm Holga for starters. There are technical frustrations with using both film and a ‘toy’ camera like this, but still there’s a softness, something diffused, about these images, that pulls me in. You can see some of my experiments with the Holga here.

country lane

Readers and viewers are very welcome to this site, and the blog, and those of you who take the time to comment are always appreciated.