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An Interview Without Words

I was inspired to try this approach to Q and A (answering with images rather than words) by Kim Manley Ort, who describes it as a kind of visual CV. She was initially prompted by this visual Q and A piece, but I’ve been equally fascinated by the responses of other bloggers to her version, and invitation to join in. If you’re intrigued, do give it a go!

Here’s mine.


Why photography?

holy loch

What is your trademark photographic style?


What truly inspires you?


Where do you go when you close your eyes?

barra in mist

Where is home for you?

skye line

How would you describe your lifestyle?

grassy path

What makes a great shot?

mist rising in wood above crieff

How do you view the world?

grasses and bog cotton

What is an important lesson you’ve learned?

fishing boat on the clyde


Kim says:

Joanna, these are wonderful answers – a great way to introduce someone to your work. I agree that seeing everyone else’s has been fun, all so different. Thank you for giving it a go.

Joanna says:

Kim, it’s been fascinating to see the different approaches, and to reflect on my own. Thanks for the inspiration!

Another stunning response to this challenge! Thanks for sharing.

Joanna says:

Thanks so much for popping by Sophia. I’m glad you enjoyed my response.
It has been a fascinating conversation to have watched and been part of indeed.

Gilly says:

Lovely shots, Joanna. I particularly love that last one.

Joanna says:

Thanks Gilly. That last photo was from a moment long ago – about seven years now – but when I was browsing my photostream I knew instantly that it was the answer to that question. And could also remember vividly the moment of watching, the lesson, and the holding of it in the photograph.

This has been a fascinating exercise to do and watch… photography works on so many more levels than we at first realise

Jane says:

Hello Joanna, what a great challenge and thank you for inspiring me to have a go too. I love your photos, particularly the second one, so crisp and clear, and the mist in the trees is beautiful. It is fascinating to get to know people a little better through this exercise.

Joanna says:

Thank you Jane, and I’m glad I was part of the prompt for you to share yours too! (I have seen them but not commented yet). It was interesting to go back and pick out photographs that really ‘spoke’ to me. The shot with the mist in the trees has always lingered with me – I was glad to have the chance to include it here.

Sally says:

Hi Joanna – WOW, what a powerful Visual CV you have shared; I’m in awe.

I particularly loved your response to “What makes a great shot?” I was drawn in completely – and felt the need to be ultra still and quiet as I watched what had to be a secret, sacred ritual not meant for outsiders’ eyes. You truly captured a GREAT shot!!

Such a pleasure meeting you in this way – I’m so grateful to Kim for this exercise and the wonder I’ve been exposed to as a result … Sally.

Joanna says:

Hello Sally, and thank you for sharing such a vivid response! It has been fascinating to see the different contributions to this project, and to get to know people through images, moments and symbols. I love words, but these kind of connections work at a different level again.

I appreciate your reflections on that photograph in the wood. The qualities of that kind of moment or space are very important to me, and you’ve helped remind me that these are indeed the qualities that I appreciate and aspire to in a photograph, and the way that I practice it.

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