Believing in Spring

Sunrise today 6.33am, sunset 6.34pm. 12 hours of daylight. 2 days to the equinox.

10.9 hours of sunshine yesterday in Stornoway.

(I know, we are lucky. But everything here is done to extremes, including the sunlight.)


When I got home at the end of my working week the first daffodils were out, planted the day after we moved here.

We cannot help but believe in the return of the spring.

first daffodil


If you want to go faster, then don’t walk; & when you are walking, there is only one sort of performance that counts: the brilliance of sky, splendour of landscape. Walking is not a sport

~ Frédéric Gross

Sunday beach


The hardest thing about blogging is the feeling you’re supposed to have something clever to say, some wisdom learned. I scratch my mind, my week, my heart, for scraps but wisdom there is none.

All I want to say and learn to keep on saying is thank you.

morning light

Thank you, thank you.