Laughing in Flowers

It’s Earth Day today.

It’s a cool, damp kind of day here and I spent a happy morning just watching the waves on the shore, and feeling my feet sink softly into the wet sand.

softness of the shore

It’s been one of those weekends really, less demanding than the sunny sort but warm enough that you can walk and photo-wander, I mean wonder, and see how the earth moves you.

sheep point of view

The last few weeks I’ve been trying to get back into a haiku writing habit. It’s absurdly hard, I still can’t really fathom how such a short and simple form can be so breathtakingly beautiful to read and so unendingly hard to write. Nevertheless, I’ve been scribbling away in notebooks in the quest for words and fragments, for the breath of a moment, and even though I don’t yet have small-poems the act of writing has made the act of walking different, a lot more vivid, more intense.

Meanwhile, it’s the start of the flower season. Although I don’t currently have the best kind of camera for flower photography there’s nothing to beat the watch and click and wonder of lying down on the soft earth and trying to take a portrait of a flower.

Here’s a pink tipped daisy, and the reminder that yes,

the earth laughs in flowers


pink tipped daisy


Thanks for the good wishes in the recovery from my cold. I am feeling better, though still a bit unsure quite what I want to do with this blog. For the time being, I’m going to keep on keeping going, and see how things pan out.