Moments of Astonishment

Word of the day: “astonish” – to amaze, to stun with wonder by means of something unexpected or unaccountable. Probably from the Anglo-Norman French verb “estoner”, to stun, itself in turn from the Latin “tonare”, to thunder. To be astonished is, at root, to be thunderstruck.

Robert MacFarlane on Twitter, word of the day 23rd April

I’ve been gifted with some moments of astonishment this week.

This morning, an eagle flew over my head.

(I know, I could stop this post there!)

Leaving work on Wednesday and simply sitting in the car at the junction, waiting to turn, then suddenly a swallow, the first one, the first swallow of the year.

Goldfinches have discovered my garden and each day I am treated to them, flashes of red, of yellow, of deepest most astonishing wonder.

The days are so much longer now, so there’s time before work for some photographs. There are dewdrops hanging on daisies.

dewdrops on a daisy

pink tipped rain drop

There are daffodils basking in the sun.

daffodil morning

sunlit morning daffodils

The sun has shone all weekend. The air temperature is cool and the air is so fresh, you find yourself gulping it up like a drug. In this kind of light at this time of year the highlands go all blue and green and that too is like a drug, you just stand there gawping, drinking it up, all that wonder, so green, so blue.

blue and green day

Clear skies and a nearly full moon and the loch is shimmering with it at night. I don’t know how to write this, how to photograph it, how to tell you, know only how to stand on the doorstep and notice, to stand and drink up the wonder.