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The Edge of the Flowers

The early autumn here has been beautiful, weeks and weeks it feels like of dry sunny weather, and all the light we didn’t get in the summer. Warm too – last Sunday, the first of November, I was picnicking on the side of a hill in jeans and t-shirt!

I confess though, there’s something about the damp and misty days that draws me in, that lets you be in a different kind of way. Back down at the shore again in the middle of this week the other side had disappeared once more, and everything was drippy, damp.

daisy in the rain on a winter's day

There were only a couple of lone figures out, walking dogs or like me catching the sounds and patterns of the wading birds out on the mud flats, half there and half not as they drifted in and out of the mist.

There’s no pressure to do anything on a day like this at a place like this, not to enjoy, not to take photographs, not to be impressed or to impress, just be, half there and half not, like the birds.

Even with the dull light and the dampness there were still a few flowers dancing at the edge, and I couldn’t help but admire their torn and tearing softness, muted, like the tones of the day.


Jane says:

We’re having an unusually drippy damp spring here Joanna, usually our driest time of year. Very much enjoying it though! But it can be disconcerting to have the weather you’re not expecting…what is this?! I like your photos and I also like your postcards idea.

Joanna says:

Drippy can be good indeed 🙂

Thanks for the feedback – trying to simplify things – always in the hope of being able to maintain the habit!

sarah says:

I love your photos, and I love the layout you have here. 🙂

Joanna says:

Thanks so much Sarah for the feedback. I’ve changed the layout again – it’s an endless work in progress! Sorry it’s taken so long to reply.

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