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This Is Not Photography

This is not photography.
This is flower watching in sweet, soft September sunshine.
This is the smell of the lavender filling my senses.
This is the sound of the river rushing past, and the buzz of the bees going mad with abundance in the herbs.
This is earth time before office time.
This is stolen time.
This is me time.
This is all time falls away and nothing else matters.
This is the way the light falls on the petals of the flower on this softest, sweetest September morning.
This is silence.
This is all love to the flower all love from the flower.
This is being beyond thinking.
This is loving beyond judgement.

This is not photography.

This is my practice.

This is my salvation.

This is my love song.

This is my practice, and my prayer.
lavender and bee


Julie Bowman says:

Joanna, I have been combing through your blog since discovering this gem in an online “peek inside” of Eyes of the Heart (which I immediately ordered, pre-peek). The poem itself is such a gift–I teach a Mindful Photography class at a spirituality center in Austin Texas and I am eager to share this with my new class! I usually choose a few writings for reflections or Lectio style readings, and this fits so perfectly with all we experience when we allow the images to invite us in. Thank you so much for sharing your work– and I am now intrigued by Hipstamatic! Julie

joanna says:

I saw the poem in the ‘peek’ too (once!) and was so excited to see it in that context, not least as I have learned so much from Christine. Your class and teaching sounds wonderful… food for thought for me.
I hope you get the chance to play with the Hipstamatic – it is really transformative!

Ah, yes. This is beautiful and true. thank you.

Joanna says:

Thank you so much Anna Maria

Yolanda Chisolm says:

OH, So True !

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